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Mad Maggie's Drawing

Welcome to Mad Maggie's Ice Cream, home of the best homemade ice cream in the Merrimack Valley.

We are located at 1025 Osgood Street (which is also routes 125 and 133), right across the road from the Butcher Boy shopping plaza and the Lawrence Municipal Airport. Please see our Contact Page for more information.

In our ten years of operation we've developed a reputation as the place for ice cream aficionados to find the best homemade ice cream. Our ice cream has won awards at the 2004 and 2005 NICRA national conventions.

We like to think we're a little different than most other ice cream stores in the area. Our focus is on making the best ice cream that we possibly can, and running a store that's clean, friendly, involved in the community, and just a bit zany.

We make our own ice cream on site, so that we can offer unusual, distinctive flavors. We try to run our store with a bit of fun in mind -- we love being able to greet our regulars by name, and to talk with them about new ideas for flavors we can offer.

Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy the experience. Take your time, browse around, there's plenty to see here. Make sure to visit our Photo Gallery for some interesting shots that we've captured over our first few years of operation. Leave a comment to let us know what you think. Browse our flavors -- you can even offer a suggestion for one that you would love to see us try.

If you find anything that you think we could improve, whether with the website or with our store, don't be shy about sending us an email to tell us about it!

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